9/6/2017 Just The Tip: Champions League Predictions 2018

The Champions League may have just finished but that never stops the bookmakers trying to take money as early as possible. People are more engaged to flutter as well thanks to Leicester big pricing.

Despite Real Madrid’s dominant display and a back to back win, incredibly they are not the favourite for the 2018 and the hattrick.

They put on a dominant display against Juventus and a 4-1 win. While attention was grabbed by controversy surrounding Sergio Ramos and Juan Cuadrado, in reality the outcome would not have been different. Real Madrid had too much power and in Cristiano Ronaldo they have a player who doesn’t seem to wane with age.

Real Madrid are also likely to only improve over the summer. They always get a big name in summer and are going to be dropping some deadwood that will free up some big wages in their budget. With the prospect of a winning team and improvements it’s a surprise to see bookmakers aren’t viewing it as the dynasty many journalists are calling it.

However, they can’t get past Barcelona in being favourites. Bet 365 and Skybet have them at 5/1. It seems to be yet not only a fly in the face of Madrid but Ronaldo too as there is no doubt that the fact that Messi is on the Barca side hasn’t influenced them. Of course, Neymar who is an old Real Madrid target also improves the situation but it seems that despite his performances in the season and also in the final it seems he still struggles to convince people he is the best player in the world.

Outside of Spain see Manchester City being favourites from the Premier League. They are yet to really make a mark on the Champions League in their Sheikh era and despite not winning the league they are seen as a more dangerous prospect in Europe. Probably due to their heavily foreign team, most with experience in the competition. They are at 14/1 with Paddy Power.

Elsewhere in blighty Chelsea sit second at 16/1, and so are Man Utd. Liverpool are further back at 33/1 and could be the best bet for big money. Jurgen Klopp is a master of the European formats after all.

Yes, it is too early to tell anything concrete. Especially because we have had no transfers and where the players end up will likely shift these numbers but with teams like Barca and Real Madrid’s squad staying relatively stable that number is unlikely to change. In the UK, however money plays a bigger deal and the teams are likely to be spending big on even bigger names. Therefore, depending on the ingoing and outgoings, expect the English teams odds to fluctuate much more over the summer.