Premier League Winners Betting Tips

That break went super fast. The pre-season games have now led to an even shorter break without getting a taste for the Premier League. This year will welcome new sides Brighton and Hove Albion, Huddersfield Town and Burnley.

Chelsea were victors last year but have struggled with recruitment this year having missed out on some summer targets. They have even lost players like Nemanja Matic. New striker Alvaro Morata might be leading the line instead of Costa this year but for us is not proven yet at any level tpo justify his endless high cost. The champions are at 37/10 to repeat their feat.

Man UTD are second favourite at 9/2 and will be hoping this is Pogbas breakout season. With Ibrahimovic not likely to come back it truly will be his team. The addition of Matic has made UTD one of the biggest teams in the league so expect some unattractive but effective football from them this year.

Pep Guardiola did not have the dream first season he would have been hoping for, but with a whole year under his belt he now understands what will be needed for a serious push against Chelsea. A new goalkeeper and a slew of expensive defenders has made sureing up the back a priority for Pep. With Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne still spearheading the attacking play Man City are still lethal. We think with their additions and Guardiolas new experience it will be theirs to lose this year. At 15/8 though there is not much in it.

For those wanting to play the risks then you could take a look at Tottenham finally coming good. They’re lack of activity in the transfer will have the bookmakers worried which will lengthen the odds in your favour. It is important to not forget they still have Kane who supposedly scared Morata away such is his record and in Christian Eriksen they have the best all round midfielder in the league. Lots of teams are making changes but it should be commended that Spurs trust in their squad enough to not blow the bank for some band aids. 10/1 makes them worse odds than Arsenal which will please the fans but is also a great bet for the risk takers among you.

Arsenal have improved their striking options with Lacazette and managed to keep Ozil and Sanchez for now but the atmosphere around the emirates is still poisonous for us. Wenger signing a new contract would have angered a lot of the fans and he will have to prove more than an FA Cup and Champions League place to get them back on side. Unfortunately, we just don’t think they are up to the challenge. They look a side disjointed and underpowered in the face of the League’s biggest teams. Of course, Wenger is a man with an unbeaten season so never right him off but at 12/1 I think the bookmakers have it right.

And what about Leicester? The best story in football has resulted in a much more conservative estimate by bookies. The foxes are of course unlikely to repeat what they achieved even with newcomers like Iheanacho. But Betvictor would be the best place to find the odds on them as they are calling 400/1 for a repeat of 2016. Hey they called the Leicester fans stupid before when they bet on it, so why not now?!