Who Should Anthony Joshua Fight Next?

Anthony Joshua had the fight of his life against Wladamir Klitshko. It was always going to be his biggest test. Many will have seen the headlines of his win but fewer saw the fight. What they witnessed was certainly a spectacle. Both boxers were down in the middle of the fight and for periods Anthony Joshua rash flurries were making the Londoner look very naive. The fight could have been controlled by Klitshko from then, but Anthony Joshua youthful body I believe won the day as it finally managed to break through the Ukrainians defences.

While this has made Joshua a household name, and gotten much media hype, we shouldn’t be forgetting the middle rounds and the potential different story. His next opponent will have noticed while his rose tinted fans will be oblivious. But who is this challenger. Let us take a look at three potential matchups.


Anthony Joshua vs Wladamir Klitshko

The Ukranian is technically the mandatory challenger after a clause included in the fight contract allows him to get revenge. This means it is all up to him whether this matchup happens. Joshua will probably want it done and dusted quickly. The issue for much of the build up was on age and Klitshko arguably lost because of his limitations over 27 year old Joshua.

If he decides to re-fight he will be able to move the location back east to Germany and therefore give Joshua his first fight outside of his country. It will definitely draw in the crowds but it will feel like going over hot coals. Joshua stood up to the test and with the admiration Klitshko received after the fight, it could be a great time to think about retirement.


Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker

If the age gap was a problem for Klitshko vs Joshua then this would certainly avoid those excuses. Joseph Parker has been exciting the boxing world with performances and many underestimate the man due to his being from the other side of the world and not in the usual hubs of boxing. Parker is the WBO Heavyweight Champion so there would be another belt up for grabs. This could interest Joshua if he wants to unify the belts. Many will claim this is an easier fight but is a hurdle Joshua will have to cross. We at Betting Tip Stars think Parker will surprise a few and that is why this is the least likely to occur. Parker is a potential danger while also not making the biggest purse. Joshua may claim he is not interested in money but now he can command big fees he may want to take advantage.


Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

This is arguably the fight everyone wants to see. The two have been at loggerheads on social media and it is a highly anticipated contest. It provides Tyson an opportunity to get back in the headlines for the right reason and for Anthony Joshua to beat the next biggest heavyweight in the world. Both men have now defeated Klitshko and while Fury didn’t stop him he was not roughed up the way Joshua was. This fight has it all, the drama, the boxing spectacle and potentially for both fighters, the most money and interest.

Anthony Joshua vs Klitshko saw more than 90,000 people in Wembley stadium to watch. A matchup between these two heavy weights could see even more than that. The two have met before as sparring partners where Fury was complimentary about him. “He came out at me for three rounds, and he gave me a beating. I’m not going to deny it, he gave me hell for leather for three rounds. I thought ‘oh my God, an amateur is killing me”.

Joshua – Fury is the fight everyone wants, but I think there needs to be a few more fights in between this ‘big one’. It is likely Joshua will go for belts while Fury heads for an easy opponent to warm up.