What To Do When You Get Relegated In 2017

Another season of the premier league goes by and Chelsea are crowned the champions with new coach Antonio Conte catching all the headlines. While many celebrate and people’s eyes turn to 2018, spare a thought for those who won’t be here. Hull City, Middlesborough and Sunderland will be holidaying with heavy hearts this summer as they look towards the prospect of Championship football next season. But what does this mean for the clubs going down and what do they have to do to make sure they don’t become a Leeds and forever lost.


Hull City

Their 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace on the weekend was the nail in a coffin for Hull as they yet again Yo-Yo down in to the Championship. Of the 70 relegations since 1995 only 22 have made it immediately back but Hull are better set than most thanks to their prowess at doing it. They also have a team unlikely to be broken up, because no one will want their players unfortunately. Marco Silva’s late miracle bodes well for the team to keep it going next year but there will likely be a tumultuous summer that is only heightened in a relegated team. For instance, Silva’s contract was only for six months and ends next month. Keeping him will be the priority for the Tigers but his CV has significantly improved which might play against them.



Sunderland’s fans will be hurting most having finished rock bottom, yet also have been in the Premier League longer than the rest. The choice of David Moyes as leader proved not to be the messiah choice it was intended to be. Worse of all for Sunderland it has guaranteed a departure for Jermain Defoe who will be eyeing his opportunities for England and more Premier League goals next year. Financially, like the rest they should be safe, in their first year out of the top flight, Sunderland will receive 55 per cent of the equal share of broadcast revenue paid to Premier League clubs. They’ll then receive 45 per cent the next season and 20 per cent in 2019/20, if they haven’t returned to the Premier League by then. Whether they can get the fans back on side to support the team to an immediate return is up for debate but the team will want to repeat the efforts of their great rivals Newcastle or face even more wrath from the Toon.



After winning at Sunderland on the second day of the season, Borough would not win away from home again all season. Playing away from Riverside Stadium was their kryptonite this season and considering there are so many more away games for them next season, then they will be looking to improve this record or suffer the consequences. Borough spent big to say in the prem. Over 40 million was outlaid and while parachute payments will help recoup some of that, they will struggle to recoup the players. Negredo is unlikely to stay in the Championship while players like Adama Traore would have attracted brave interest from clubs abroad. The former Villa man tops the tables of world football with completed dribbles. Anyone who beats Messi and Ronaldo in a stat will attract a hopeful recruiter. Building a side capable of stabilising will be top of their priorities.