Why Is Neymar Going To PSG?

The big news story of this day which will probably the biggest of this transfer window is Neymar’s impending transfer to PSG. The figures around this deal are eye watering and showcase what the Qatari owners of the Paris team have in the bank.

They have reportedly matched the release clause in Neymar’s contract of just under £200m. This would quite obviously make the transfer the most expensive in history, almost double that of Pogba and Bale.

The wages they are reportedly offering shows the rocket fuelled rise of money in the game even over just the last few years. It didn’t seem that long ago when players on more than £100,000 a week were deemed expensive. The reported wage will be £650,000 a week. This is not only ridiculous on it’s own but makes eyes pop out when you read that this is the summer Neymar will get after tax! Meaning his salary is probably more.

The motivations for Neymar may remain a secret but this is a player who has been embroiled in money issues before in his transfer to Barca. It would not surprise us at Betting Tip Stars that the money on the table has turned heads.

People will ask how PSG can afford this with the financial fair playa and this is a question that is already in question but unlikely to affect the transfer.

The ROI on a deal of this size will likely always be a failure. We learnt recently that the money made on shirt sales is a fallacy because most of the profits from these go to the manufacturers, not the clubs.

Neymar will be the highest paid player in the world and in a money obsessed world this is actually deemed an achievement on some level in football.

If you want to take a look at the footballing reasons for this deal then some could make that argument. Even when Neymar joined there were questions about him and Messi would be in the same team. There is no doubt that as a pairing they are lethal but modern football is very much a franchise business and Barca is the star player. There was no room even if he scored every game for Neymar to overtake that.

With Ibrahimovic gone PSG are the perfect opportunity for Neymar to put his stamp on Europe. As long as they perform in the Champions League this is entirely possible but the French League does not have much output so Neymar scoring a hattrick against Stade Rennais is hardly going to blow the global press up.

There is also talk that Neymar is after a Ballon d’Or award, something that might be hard in the same league and even team as his rivals. If this is true it will be another selfish decision because a footballer should have the team aspect of the sport built in. Going after individual awards is completely meaningless. Either that or I am reading into modern football all wrong.

In my personal opinion Neymar has proven himself as a bit of a mercenary with these decisions. One thing is true that an individual player will never grace the annuls of history with as much as those who have achievements that match their team ones.

Mercenaries also end up destroying any folklore around their story by going where the money points which can be in some random places. I can easily picture Neymar in the heat of Dubai sooner than you think picking up a large pension.

Whatever goes on at PSG it would be surprising for Neymar to raise his profile more but having a team with Neymar pulling as the star could make European football more interesting stories. A shake up of the Champions League could also provide some upsets. We all know what that means in the betting games, More money!