The Warriors Of The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors defeated their new rival Cleveland Cavaliers in the fifth game of the NBA finals to win the championship 4-1. The Cavaliers had given themselves a glimpse of hope after losing the first three games but a trip back to Oracle Arena has done them in.

This is the third time these two teams have met in the finals, back to back, and it has becoming quite the battle. A couple of years ago it would have been billed as a simple star-off between Steph Curry and Lebron James. But that is no longer the case after Warriors built a dream team and Kyrie Irving is such an integral part of an exciting Cavs side.

So, with this win Golden State Warriors have begun what could possibly be the beginning of a dynasty. Rumbles are already happening about comparing them to the Bulls of the nineties and their 6 championships. It may not be with the style of those legends, but in Curry they have their Jordan like star man and a group who are just pure consistency.

We take a look at those who might be part of this dynasty for the foreseeable future.


Steph Curry

Without Curry there is no Warriors dynasty. The supreme point guard has got himself in the record books for his shooting, but now his career could take a turn towards adding championships to what everyone knows is a phenomenal player. The way Steph swishes threes from almost anywhere on court, not to mention his often overlooked drive skills, makes Curry the best player in the league. And that is a league with Lebron James still in it. He may be surrounded by influential teammates but he is quite simply not only the link for all of them, but also the person that pulls them up.


Kevin Durant

There is not many teams where Durant can look like the second fiddle, but it seems that way here.  Not that he will mind. He was always a quiet figure and now with Curry taking the headlines he can make the difference that we all know he can and quietly. Staying away from injuries will be vital towards his longevity with the team.

He spent a lot of years at the Thunder and while I will always commend loyalty he took the right decision in moving away. He has put himself not only in line for championship rings, which he has now, but a dynasty that can be talked about for years. He is moving into the latter stage and the experiment of stars in Oklahoma might not work but he has landed himself in one with an incredible winning mentality and team spirit. Team spirit was something a team with Russell Westbrook and James Harden probably cannot ever have.


Klay Thompson

In any other team Klay Thompson would be the best long shooter around. Unfortunately, he plays next to Steph Curry, but it is the way they compliment each other that is the most impressive. I honestly don’t think that Warriors would be as consistent without a big scorer like Thompson. He seems to be there if Curry or Durant do underscore and even leads the team on occasion. It is his extra boost of points that always seems to raise the Warriors just above everyone else. His outside shooting prowess is also problematic for defences who have yet another body to cover and something most teams can’t spare that if they are facing a team with just one superstar let alone three.


Honourable mention should go to Draymond Green and David West who bring a bite to a team that lacks a certain amount aggression with all the skill it possesses. The bench with Livingston and Barnes is also invaluable, and Igoudala is the veteran who knows how to perform under pressure. Something he can pass on. I am jealous of their wealth and depth of squad. Unless other teams can begin to tempt these players away and the team spirit waivers, then could this be a new dynasty to rival Michael Jordan’s Bulls? Ask me again in a year and I will give you a definitive answer.